“UAE” expats wedding in Tbilisi

This wedding package is advised for those expats, different Nationalities, resident in UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al-Sharjah who need to register their marriage in United Arab Emirates.

The UAE is home of 200 nationalities, immigrants from all over the world. If you meet your Love in UAE or you live there with your partner thanks to your business life maybe you will need to make legal your union and to live together belong the local law.

We offer the opportunity to get a legal wedding in Tbilisi officially recognized in UAE.

You can choose the “Simply” package, the Basic or the Premium wedding package and add this “Uae” expats request to the service.



Most frequent questions and answers for UAE wedding

You have to check and to decide witch is your goal. Do you wish just to register your marriage in UAE? So basicly you need only 1 paperwork but if you wish to register even in your country at least 2 paperwork must be required.

We connect with the UAE authorities to get the seals to legalize your paperwork released in Tbilisi. This further legalization is mandatory if you wish to register the marriage in UAE.

You should stay in Tbilisi at least 1 week to get the paperwork in hand or you can choose a shorter stayng and to get your paperwork by express mail at your home address.

"Simply" Wedding

"Simply" Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for those who need only to register the marriage without other formalities inside the public office attending with other people

Basic Wedding

Basic Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for the couples arriving alone or with few friends and wishing to have privacy and a nice atmosphere at the same time

Premium Wedding

Premium Wedding in Tbilisi is for that couples who loves to enjoy their time with special photography service, private transfer, bouquet ...