“Simply” Wedding in Tbilisi

“Simply” wedding in Tbilisi is the service adviced for those who need only to register the marriage without other formalities inside the public office. You should be flexible and no time can be properly fixed. The office could be crowd depending of the day of the week. This service have low level of privacy as you are going to sign in a public place with maybe people near to you.

What is included:

  • Verification of the documents before your arrival
  • Documents for application ready at your arrival
  • Registration of the marriage in Georgia at the public office desk
  • Release of the paperwork with Apostille or Legalization seal


Most frequent questions and answers for "Simply"

If you need more privacy or just a nice atmosphere, I advice to get the Basic Wedding in Tbilisi

In this “Simply” Wedding service you will have just a meeting time. The service can be fast as slow to very slow tacking some hours. It depends from the people attending at the public office or for any further need could occurr. You chose for the Simple service but you will not be left alone!

Any service can be add from this package to up. Photo service start as gift only with the basic package but you can add to your balance the short or long outdoor photography service too.

Hello, you have to apply for Basic package as your divorce certificate must to be verified.  By the way we can manage your request. Just send to us the certificate of divorce and we will check it out. There are different pathes belong the different countries but the most of time everything has been set up. Go to the Basic package!

"Simply" Wedding

"Simply" Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for those who need only to register the marriage without other formalities inside the public office attending with other people

Basic Wedding

Basic Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for the couples arriving alone or with few friends and wishing to have privacy and a nice atmosphere at the same time

Premium Wedding

Premium Wedding in Tbilisi is for that couples who loves to enjoy their time with special photography service, private transfer, bouquet ...