Premium Wedding in Tbilisi

The Premium Wedding in Tbilisi  is advised for those couples who loves to enjoy their time with all the bureaucracy hassle-free, a reserved time and date, a nice wedding hall giving privacy for you and your guests, a comfortable transfer for the wedding day to not mind where to go, a special and professional photography service indoor and outdoor in the Old town to make unforgettable that special day.

Even if you come alone or if you are with your group of friends, the premium package is the right choice to save time, stress and money, the perfect way for an happy day.

You will be entitled for 2 paperwork in short time release.

That is the best if you are both from different nationalities and you need to register the marriage in your different countries.

You will get a complimentary Bouquet and Boutonniere to be chosen from a wide list, you will have free reservation for your venue.

Once you book the premium package, you will get a premium guideline, with all the restaurant list, coiffeur and make up operators, wedding dress rental partners and various advices to upgrade and tailor-made your wedding to your wishes. What is included:


Most frequent questions and answers for Premium

Of course you can choose the Premium package. First of all you save money, time and stress as you do not have to think about something. It is the perfect package for who wish all bureacracy assistance and the atmosphere of the wedding  in a smooth and easy day.

Premium package includes 2 international paperwork. You can choose to get one with Apostille or with Legalization seals or 2 with Apostille or 2 with Legalizations.

Time is not a issue at all. We can organize your wedding day and even to give you the international paperwork in hand. Of course if your flight shedule does not match the working day time for the international procedure and related release, we can always provide for express mail to your home.

Yes, of course. You should send to us the certificate of divorce to be verified. Different countries have different procedure in case of divorce and the certificate is often confused with the decree. To make order, just send your documents and we will check it out. This service is included in the Premium package.

We offer a complimentary transfer from your hotel to the wedding hall and around all the places the photographer advice to go for your shooting and back to your hotel or the venue reserved in Tbilisi. Transfer is available for the couple and their 4 best friends,witnesses or parents. We can add any other transport on request.

"Simply" Wedding

"Simply" Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for those who need only to register the marriage without other formalities inside the public office attending with other people

Basic Wedding

Basic Wedding in Tbilisi is adviced for the couples arriving alone or with few friends and wishing to have privacy and a nice atmosphere at the same time

Premium Wedding

Premium Wedding in Tbilisi is for that couples who loves to enjoy their time with special photography service, private transfer, bouquet ...